September 29-30, 2020
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Hydrogen Fuel Booster

Improving Fossil Fuel Use with Hydrogen


Taking Hydrogen canisters from a H3 reformer to a truck that can distribute H2 for commerical use.

Hydrogen System to Improve Fossil Fuels

ETI is proud to be fully ISO 9001 


Can Fossil Fuels be Improved?

Everyone needs vehicles to get around, but can the gasoline, diesel or other fossil fuels be improved upon?

Through a new partnership, ETI is developing this new "H2 Fuel Booster" device to address this issue.

The booster can be used on any device with an enternal combustion engine to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions . Shelters with Solar Fly

H2 Fuel Booster

The Fuel Booster is a simple device that can be attached to any vehicleor generator with an internal combustion engine. Througha chemical process that uses clean renewable water and hydrogen, it can improve fuel efficiency and reduce green house emissions.



  • Increased Fuel Economy: No matter what kind of engine you're using, the H2 Fuel Booster (HFB) can improve your economy by at least %5!
  • Reduced Emissions: The use of the HFB cuts down on carbon, CO2 and other exhaust pollutants that engines release into the atmosphere.
  • The HFB can be easilly deployed anywhere in the world and used with any electronic equipment.
  • Additional hydrogen fuel canisters can provide several hours to days of continuous operation.
  • Manual on/off switchfor using the device or not.
  • Very quiet operation in all modes.
  • Easilly bolts on for easy access.

System Showcased at recent Tradeshows

AFCEA West DemoETI has been showing off this innovative technology at several recent industry events.
At Afcea West in San Diego we showed off and demonstrated several of these prototypes.

We also attended Earth Day Texas in Dallas with several samples units to show off this technology.

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